24 April

This One Time, At Measurement Camp …


In a previous life I was a counter jockey in a independent record shop. Before I started there, I was a huge fan of Electroclash music, and not much else – I’d been a bit of a BritPop kid, but had discovered the Manchester club scene and now listened to nothing but noisy/shouty dance records made by people in Shoreditch. And then I started working in the shop with a group of people, all who had their different backgrounds, their unique tastes, their personal music histories, and through this I became exposed to all manner of new music. And after 3 years I left with a broader knowledge of music than I could ever have imagined.

So what’s this got to do with the price of fish? Well yesterday, myself and Dan headed down to our first Measurement Camp, a London-based monthly meet-up of people interested in tracking social media activity. And I couldn’t help but think back to my days in the record shop. I think most of the strength from the event comes from the disparate backgrounds of those attending – PR types, digital nerds, market research companies, search engine optimisation people, analytical data-fiends – all coming from their specialist areas to the fertile ground of social media, and bringing their own tried and trusted tools & techniques to be shared around.

Case in point? “Net Promoter Score” is a measurement beloved of clients, which aims to track how word of mouth is allowing positive customer satisfaction to spread. And combined with a digital approach to tracking popularity on social networks (Facebook fans, Twitter comments, blog posts) this can show whether a product’s postive messaging is “dripping down” from the creators and experts to the family and friend level. An approach which combines the best of different worlds.

And it’s interesting to hear the deep-rooted issues in areas which you might only dip in and out of during your day job. A SEO expert told me that “Linking up search and social media is the way forward thinking companies are going, and social media can help me create a footprint I know Google are gearing their algorithms towards”. These nuggets of insight are  probably all over the internet, if you go searching for them. But to get them from sitting opposite 5 new faces from 5 different fields is a perfect chance to expose yourself to fresh thinking.

See you all next month. I’ll bring my iPod.

More great shots like the one above at @hyku’s Flickr page – looks like that massive lens was worth lugging over from the US!

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April 24th, 2009

Great write up – love the comparison to the benefit of working in a record store. Makes it sound cool, if nothing else! But seriously, thanks for being involved, and see you there next time.

Together we are mighty :)

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