21 April



We love designer toys, but once you have one, it sits on your desk and does very little – maybe you’ll get another one to keep it company, but then the two of them just sit there. Dentsu have come up with a concept that will change this. Suwappu is a range of toys that you can interact with using augmented reality. Finally, a decent excuse to actually play with our toys again.


Last weekend, Coachella threw down the gauntlet for festival coverage. Using YouTube’s new live streaming service, viewers from all over the world could watch one of three channels showing a selection of the artists playing the festival without heading to the desert. Can Bestival’s 3D coverage top it?

Wiley – Numbers in Action

When he’s not off advertising jam on Youtube, offering hundreds of free downloads via Twitter or talking to fans and making beats live on U Stream, Wiley more traditionally makes music for record label release.

We love his smart new video for ‘Numbers In Action’, the lead single from the forthcoming Big Dada album ’100% Publishing’ which sees multiple Wileys walk, jump and dance in time with the music. It’s the best video he’s done and hints at a return to his more traditional, less pop-synth-heavy production.


Pervasive games are all the rage at the moment from Secret Wars’ water pistol assassination game to Go Game’s interactive treasure hunts. This weekend, Fire Hazard are teaming up with The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film (wow, they need to come up with a shorter name) to create a huge real-world game on the Southbank.

“Guided by the Citizen Education Officer’s voice in your ear (and perhaps the odd message from the resistance), you’ll evade agents, crack codes, pass on secret messages, spot clues and demonstrate superhuman powers of reasoning to win the challenge and become one of the RECOGNISED.

However you approach the challenge, as one of the SUSPECTED you’re in for an intense half hour.

Geeky fun!

Beastie Boys ”Make Some Noise” (Fight For Your Right Revisited)

In January, we heard that the Beastie’s film, starring (amongst others) Seth Rogan, Elijah Wood and Will Ferrell, would be showing at Sundance and we have been desperate to see it ever since. Today, the film leaked online, so you can watch the trailer below and watch the rest on Audio Perv. Enjoy!

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