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21 May

Knowledge Networks’ “How People Use Social Media” Misses The Point Completely

Ok.. so I will be coming back to this when I have had a chance to fully consider my response but the report by Knowledge Networks seems to be a perfect example of a lack of genuine understanding of the medium. 

I think this statement says it all… 

“Obviously, a lot of people are using social media, but they are not explicitly turning to it for marketing purposes, or for finding out what products to buy. It’s really about connecting with friends, or connecting with other people,” says Dave Tice, vice president and group account director at Knowledge Networks, and the top analyst behind the report. “What we’re seeing is that word-of-mouth is still the No. 1 most influential source, followed by TV.”

Ok so if WOM is number 1 and Social Media is great at connecting with people then how about we use social media as a means of creating advocates and generating positive word of mouth… oh hang on, thats what real social media marketeers are doing.

I haven’t read the research in full yet or had time to digest it so I reserve the right to apologise if i have all this wrong but  I am guessing that what the research predominantly focuses on is classic advertising style executions in social spaces, which isn’t social media marketing!

More soon.

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23 April

Zip Up Earphones…

I want some of these.. genius !


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20 April

Check Mate.

I just saw this brilliant piece of advertising from BMW in the US.  Now I know you don’t usually expect a digital agency to be extolling the virtues of ‘traditional’ media but if its good and its effective then it always gets a thumbs up from us. (While we are on this subject there is a great post over at Russell Davies about people harping on about the death of certain industries)

Anway, this ad made me smile… it’s not subtle but then that’s the American way… enjoy…


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24 March

And the winner is..


It was with great pleasure that we won the hotly contested ‘Best Website’ category at the Revolution Innovation awards on Friday night.

Our site beat off some very stiff competition from the 9 (yes 9) other shortlisted sites including Cadbury’s, Honda, Ford, Heineken, The Royal Marines, Department of Health & Waitrose. A fantastic result in such good company.

Revolution said the site and other initiatives lived up to the objective of Cravendale’s ‘passion for milk’ message in a fun and irreverent way.. we couldn’t have put it better ourselves…

Thanks Revolution..

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2 March

Evan Williams, Twitter Founder speaking at Ted

Evan Williams

So everyone is Twitter crazy and it turns out its just a side project !! Evan Williams speaking at Ted. Not a vast amount to be learnt here but an interesting insight to their ‘lets see where it takes us’ approach… worth a look.

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20 February

6 Social Media Myths

An interesting piece on Business Week yesterday, which is a worth a quick read.. it basically outlines some of the misconceptions around social media campaigns most of which are common sense.   

The last point re measurement is an interesting one, while I agree there are lots of interesting measures available (in fact alot more than mentioned) its the key question about ‘value’ that we still need to develop better metrics on.

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17 February

The Valentine Promise Is A Lie


For all the romantics...

A good bit of fun this one.. Papa Jon’s pizza were promising heart shaped pizza’s as a Valentine special (would anyone else get a sharp jab in the chops for sending their better half one of these?) but what turned up was little more than regular pizza with a slice missing.. (see pic)

This in itself is no huge surprise  but when the lovely Ashley lept to Papa’s defense it transpired that her IP address traced back to Papa Jon’s HQ… ooops. 

For the full sordid details click

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26 November

Shake It !

 Today we are loving the new ad from Nintendo for the Wii  version of Wario Land. 

 A clever mash up of the You Tube interface, combined with  genuine relevance to the game. 

 Check it out here


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25 November

Everybody’s Talking About Motrin

And in this instance that’s not a good thing… its been rumbling on for the last week or so and there is still a large amount of noise about this so here is a great post which pretty much wraps it all up…

What’s interesting to me is the thought that the actual mistake was not the ad (everyone can have an error of judgement) but the lack of monitoring the ad’s effect and being ready to respond, which in this case took too long and gave ‘moms’ time to orchestrate their unhappy response…..

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24 November

Amazing Lego Animation

Check out this amazing piece of work for Jean Charles de Castelbajac… a Lego inspired fashion show… Incredible.

JCDC Versus LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

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